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VW MK5 GTi - Custom THANAS Stage 3/3+ ECU Tune

SKU #THNS0067782
Fulfilled by THANAS THANAS

VW MK5 GTi - Custom THANAS Stage 3/3+ ECU Tune

SKU #THNS0067782
Fulfilled by THANAS THANAS
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THANAS Custom ECU Tune for Stage 3/3+ Hardware Level:

The stage 3/3+ tune developed by us improves torque, power and overall response drastically, making full use of upgraded hardware, well above factory levels. For K04-064/064 Hybrid, as well as full-frame bigger turbos.

Stage 3/3+ custom tune features include:

Up to 100 mm MAF

S3 Injector coding

RS4 Injector coding

RS3 Injector coding

Upgraded LPFP (controller custom coding)

S3 MAP sensor coding

200 bar rail pressure sensor coding

Exhaust crackles

CAT Delete coding

Secondary O2 delete coding

DSG shift optimisation (sound alteration)

Torque model optimisation for DSG at high power levels

Expected power figures

Power: 265 - 400+ kW

Torque: 475 - 700+ Nm

Additional optional features

Launch control (Additional cost)

No-Lift Shift (Additional cost)

MAFless coding

Ethanol tuning (Additional cost)

All tuning sessions are custom, implying that the tune is data-logged and revised in-house, at the time of tuning, until all parameters are at a consistent and reliable level.

Note: Applicable to VW Mk5 Jetta 2.0T

VW MK5 GTi - Custom THANAS Stage 3/3+ ECU Tune is applicable to specific types of Cars. See specifications below to see the full list.

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K04-064 Hybrid or 

Full-Frame Bigger Turbo

Large-Bore Aftermarket Intake

S3 injectors

HPFP Upgrade (Autotech/VIS)

RS4 rail valve or better (Dynodrome 165/175 bar)

S3 MAP sensor

200 bar rail sensor

Upgraded LPFP

THANAS Stage 3 DQ250 DSG Software

Recommended hardware

RS3 Injectors

Walbro 450 LPH In-tank pump


Forged Motor

Volkswagen Golf Mk5 GTi Volkswagen Jetta Mk5 2.0 TFSI